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Draftkings or FanDuel

29 June 2016
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If you love playing fantasy games or if you’re thinking into starting learning about them, you have to know which website is best for you. The biggest ones you can choose from are either DraftKings or FanDuel.

In order to know which is the most advantageous for you, read our review to see the main differences. At first, it’s fair to say that both websites have gained lots of experience in fantasy games, but one’s offer might be more suited for some players while the other one’s will attract other fantasy players. It is a matter of choice, after all, especially when, these are two are the biggest ones in the US, and on top of that, they look very similar.

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DraftKings online Offers
Betting on Leagues
Scoring, points & salary caps
Main Similarities
Main Differences
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DraftKings online Offers

With regards to the promotions they advertise on the website, both websites come up with enticing bonuses that sound great. For example:

  1. Registering with FanDuel can get you a 20% bonus up to $100 when signing up and making your first deposit. These credits are issued as FanDuel points and can be used to enter any eligible contest on the platform. You also get a Welcome Free Play voucher after making an initial deposit, which can also be used in eligible contests.
  2. DraftKings will allure you with contests that you can enter for free and other superb promotions as a welcome gift. Here you will earn points just by playing (but to unlock, for example, $1, you need to spend $25), and you can win a bonus of up to $500 as a sign-up bonus.

This unlock rate is the same for FanDuel and DraftKings, but with the latter you can go for bigger entries if you’re into it.

Draftkings or FanDuel

Betting on Leagues

The types of leagues you can opt for is one of the most important criteria as to why a fantasy player will stay faithful to a fantasy website. You will find the same types of sports offered by these two websites (MLB, college football, college basketball, NBA, NHL and NFL). The only big difference is that at DraftKings you can also enjoy MMA, Soccer Leagues, NASCAR and PGA (daily fantasy golf). Leagues are free to entry.


  1. FanDuel (like some other fantasy sports websites) don’t have that many fantasy players;
  2. at DraftKings, you can use the VIP Program at DK (special customer service option, private contests, live experiences).

When it comes to NFL leagues, FanDuel has something interesting to brag about: their biggest asset is that they offer a salary cap format for these leagues, and we recommend you to play the Thursday and Monday games, as you can choose leagues that consists of two people or even 100,000 if we talk about big tournaments.

Fantasy sports

Scoring, points & salary caps

Salary caps and added positions are the main things that differ at these two websites: DraftKings has a cap of $60,000 (it comes included with a flex player), and FanDuel of $50,000. When it comes to scoring, you can’t really spot huge differences, but point-wise, DraftKings is a leader (for instance, they offer extra points for +100 yards receiving and 300 passing).

Even if you choose FanDuel or DraftKings, you will benefit of big prize pools (for DK) and of free plays to get into the mood. Primarily, FanDuel is for people who want to spend more money in time and win more in the long run. DraftKings is for players you are looking for a wide range of sports.


Main Similarities

Both FanDuel and DraftKings:

  1. offer you the opportunity to make a deposit through PayPal;, credit card (including AMEX);
  2. have free contest, referral programs and affiliate programs;
  3. offer iOS and Android mobile apps (with real-money play incorporated);
  4. have private and public leagues, and big tournaments;
  5. give players the opportunity to play H2H, 50/50, and multipliers;
  6. their lineup creation tools are standard.

Main Differences

The most striking differences you find when comparing FanDuel to DraftKings are:

  1. DraftKings site standings rank is position number 1, followed by FanDuel;
  2. DraftKings offers contest designed for beginners only, FanDuel doesn’t;
  3. the highest stakes can be found at FanDuel ($26,500), whilst DraftKings has only $10,600);
  4. their resource for fantasy players are called FanDuel insider (FanDuel) and Playbook for the its competitor.


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