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Fantasy football cheat sheet

29 June 2016
par admin

It is crucial for every fantasy game passionate to know what a fantasy cheat sheet is and how to read it. This article is meant to help you understand the meaning of it.

Types of cheat sheets

First, a fantasy football sheet is made of player rankings you will need to draft your team. A fantasy cheat sheet can be a rankings display as an overall presentation or a series of sheets consisting of positional sheets. The difference is that each of them will allow you, the fantasy ownerr, to choose a draft strategy that suits you best, because each of these two have their own benefits.

The overall sheet

This one is purely a display of all the players depending on their value on the market (football players + positioning). The overall cheat sheet helps you to get the best player as you can see exactly their rankings, and select the ones you like. As soon as you’ll have to draft them, the one that remains from your selection is yours.

As we said, there are a few advantages to use an overall cheat sheet. Here are the most important ones:

  1. save time (be efficient without wasting precious time in calculating and picking out players);
  2. it is easy to use, especially if you must remember to choose rosters along the way;
  3. quick, simple to use and understand;
  4. maximise your energy for the game;
  5. helps you keep track of bye weeks as well.

Fantasy football cheat sheet

The Positional Cheat Sheet

Even if the overall sheet seems like the one to go for at first glimpse, this positional one is more often use to rank players because it gives you the opportunity to know exactly the positions that are the most valuable ones. It’s not just that. You can always confuse the other owners by cover up your important sheet with another less important one, and let everybody in the dark with what player you’ve chosen.

For example, other benefits would be that:

  1. know who the players are and what are they good at;
  2. you can have a sheet for several types of players (wide receivers, field foal kickers, team defences, running backs, quarterbacks, tight ends);
  3. it’s easy to write down the most valued player;
  4. you can always combine this sheet with the overall one.

Fantasy football cheat sheet example

How to read a sheet

All fantasy football cheat sheets have different map legends, but usually some acronyms work for all. For instance, “H” can mean “Health problems” – but not that critical, “Hx2” suggests that the players hasn’t been playing for two games because of his injuries, “Sx…” represents the number of games he was suspended for.

Where to get a cheat sheet

All in all, sheets are very similar to one another, but you will always find a small difference between them because you can’t predict how players are going to behave this particular seasons you want to play in. Updated cheat sheets are mandatory to have if you really want to win, so make sure that the place you get them from is reliable and trustworthy. Usually, fantasy players get their sheets from a magazine (although, these can be outdated, and you only risk picking a player that’s been injured previously, and all the ranking system is turned upside down because of him.

The other alternative is to go online and print the sheet out, along with a bye week schedule and a draft for all the NFL teams, if possible (a bye week is that week when an NFL team time off (they usually have 17 weeks with 16 games/teams).

Of course, you can also create your own player ranking sheet for each position you’re interested in. In order to do that, you must be experienced in fantasy football and in reading players, being constantly up-to-date with the scores, so you won’t position players higher or lower than they should be.

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