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How to play fantasy football?

29 June 2016
par admin

If you want to learn how to play fantasy football, it’s always helpful knowing at least the basics of football. With fantasy football, players can train their skills as club managers, team captains and ultimately, as football players.

Here are the main steps you have to tick off to learn how to play fantasy football like a professional.

Step 1: Join

Before anything else, the most important step is to choose a bookmaker you want to register with. You can always go with the likes of DraftKings as they offer all sorts of promotions of new and existing members as well.

It might be a bit overwhelming at the beginning, but as soon as you join a public or a private league, things will get clearer. The process should be very simple. The difference between a public and a private league is that for the private one you’ll need to get an invitation to be able to play. At first, we recommend you to play for fun, discover the world of fantasy games, and slowly start playing for money. Regardless of what type of league you choose to join and what league selection you want to be part of, make sure you read their rules so you won’t have any bad surprises afterwards.

You can either pick a league that fits your preferences (ESPN, Yahoo – they all have fantasy football tabs to be used for free), ask friends to send you an invitation (if they play in leagues you like to be part of), or you can even start your own leagues (this requires a bit more expertize).

Step 2: Draft your league

Usually, the operator you sign up with will give you a list of all the available players you can pick to form a team. It goes without saying that the better the player, the more chances you have to win the match.

Now, when you draft your football team, remember to select the best players as your team members. You can do this online, or even in paper if you want to consult the decision with your friends or colleagues:

  1. serpentine drafts – owners will take turns in drafting their players;
  2. auction draft – owners get a fixed budget to stick to, then they bid for players they want.

The good news with fantasy football is that you can make friends and form bonds the same as you’d do in a real-life football league. That is why, follow your instinct when choosing a league and think wisely.

Fantasy football

Types of league you can choose from:

  1. head-to-head (good to play among friends – on a weekly basis);
  2. points leagues (for professionals; follows the NFL games – seasonal).

Therefore, rank your players and keep in mind their abilities and skills. You have to learn how to read your league’s scoring system in order to plan ahead a strong game platform. It’s up to you what member you want to be (head couch, player) or what ways of accumulating performance points you choose:

  1. the point for reception scoring system (receive points, statistics);
  2. the Individual Defensive Player system (it’s how you want to utilise your players).

Step 3: Play

If you are in an NFL seasons, your team will play against another one on a weekly basis – because fantasy teams are following the same procedures as real teams do. Real-time statistics are transformed into fantasy points, and, of course, the one who collects more wins. Given the fact that your team has the opportunity to win every week, it is important to win as many games as you can in order to make it in the playoffs.

Learning how to play fantasy football can come only from practice. Experience has a big say in it. There isn’t a secret recipe to follow, but you must always keep improving your tactics and playing techniques. Here, you have control over everything so everything depends on you. If a player doesn’t perform and he doesn’t live up to your expectations, you can get rid of him and replace him with somebody who looks more capable. With regards to injured players, you can always treat them, even trade them to another team owner, or simply “bench him” for the time being, but you have to consider picking a vigorous, active player.

In case you’re lucky and your team wins the league you’ve joined, the cash prize, trophy or whatever offer was at stake is yours to have. As great this may sound, note that, at the end, there is always just one winner. The last ones in the game have to fight in a single-elimination tournament.

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