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Top fantasy football players

6 December 2018
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Knowing which fantasy football players are head of the list is relevant not only to amateurs, but to professional fantasy game lover as well. Here is a listing of all the best one on whom you can place all your faith in.

Number 1: Aaron Rodgers

Age 32, from California, Aaron Rodgers weighs 225 lb and is one of the best quarterbacks in the world of fantasy games. He played the whole last season, nailing down completion percentages and average rankings, gaining 22 points in nine games – situation that got him on spot number seven in the history of fantasy quarterbacks. This being said, it looks like in 2016-2017, Aaron Rodgers will be at its best, so you can go ahead and think of drafting him in any round you can get a hold of him. With two quarterback leagues, you don’t want to miss the opportunity of having a great member in your team (keep this in mind if you're planning to draft your team on Draftkings, or on any other fantasy website).

Aaron Rodgers

Number 2: Le’Veon Bell

Among the best running backs is Le’Veon Bell, who has four years of experience, comes from Michigan and has 6-1 height, age 24 and 244 lb height. His average of touches is 22.8 per game, 119.0 yards per game and he can brag with 10 fantasy points won in 18 of his last 22 games. It would be a pity leaving him slip away through your fingers if you can draft him in your team, as his success rate figures are somewhere around 81.8%. There is one thing you should remember though, he has hurt his knee twice at the end of the last two seasons, but he is still a valuable player.

Le’Veon Bell

Number 3: Antonio Brown

Antonio Brown is a favourite among fantasy players, in the category of wide receivers. At his 27 years, he already accumulated seven years of notable experience, gaining 10-plus points for 30 times in his past 41 games. All the more so, he is number one overall pick in the PPR leagues and among the best five players in the non-PPR formats.

Antonio Brown

Number 4: Rob Gronkowski

Gronkowski is, without any doubt, one of the best fantasy players you can choose from the tight end position alternatives. Age 27, height 6-6 and weight of 265 lb, this player is a huge promise in the fantasy games, always ready to break another record. He played for the Patriots and had 72 catches for 1,176 catches and 11 touchdowns, all last year. 44 fantasy points are a good place to start if you haven’t decided yet. Also, he was twice in the top two, and three times number one. Strong, determined – just to name a few adjectives that would describe him.

Rob Gronkowski

Number 5: Julio Jones

Another great fantasy asset is Jones, who has accumulated six years of experience in the field, years that helped him become one of the best receivers and pass-catcher of all times. His portfolio is impressive: he caught 66.7% of the 204 league targets sent his way (in 2015), he had 10-plus points and four games with 20-plus, averaging 112.3 receiving yards per outing in the last 36 games with the Falcon’s.

Julio Jones

Number 6: Odell Beckham

This Beckham of the fantasy world, has 3 years of experience gained just before he reached 23. He built up an amazing season back in 2014 and he continued to astonish everybody in 2015. This year he is approaching his third season spent with the Giants, and up until now he had 91 catches for 1,305 yards (12 touchdowns), improving to 96 catches and 1,450 yards last year (plus 13 touchdowns). He is the top 3 overall pick in every league, and has already a huge amount of fantasy points won in 11 games.

Odell Beckham

Number 7: Todd Gurley

Gurley is an experienced player (2 years, height 6-1 and weight of 227 lb. At only 21, Gurley is already considered a first-round pick in all leagues. In 2015, he was nicknamed the “Associated Press Offensive Rookie of the Year” having 1,106 rushing yards per 4.8 carry, and 10 touchdowns. In his fantasy portfolio, he has 21 catches for 188 yards, but he is looking to perfect this score in 2016.

Todd Gurley

Regardless of what criteria you use to choose your players and draft your team, make sure you pick the best ones straight from round one to increase your chances of winning.

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